OEM & Co-Fab

While many manufacturers continue to move away from fabrication and more towards assemblers, the Jerald Sulky Company necessarily continues to move in the opposite direction and is increasing it’s capabilities. Over 80% of our vehicle parts are fabricated or significantly transformed in-house, and with our local partners in the highly competent Cedar Valley marketplace over 90% of our parts are fabricated or significantly transformed within a 20 mile radius.

As a result of the core capabilities of our manufacturing facility as well as the additive value of our local partners, the Jerald Sulky Company is capable of being your partner in manufacturing. From the earliest stages of material transformation to the final stages of assembly, finishing, and logistics the Jerald Sulky Company invites you to look to us for a true OEM or Co-Fabrication partner.

Core in-house capabilities include:

Other value-add capabilities in partnership with our co-fabrication network include:

Additionally, we are an OEM and wholesaler for certain components that are specialized to our industry.

All work can be completed as a branded partner, so your product remains yours. For more information on OEM, Co-Fabrication, or Wholesale accounts please contact sales@JeraldSulky.com or 319-234-6195.