Care and Service

Your Jerald Sulky vehicle probably lives a hard life - from riding to shows and races on top of your trailer, to being hitched to a sweaty horse in a muddy prep ring, and being stored in your cold barn over the winter its almost a wonder they last as long as they do. Taking proper care of your vehicle and finding the right service parts will help your investment serve you well and look great for years to come.

Below you will find a number of helpful categories, including tips and tricks straight from Jerald Sulky as well as dealers and professional horsemen, information on our special Victory Lap house branded cleaning product, handy sizing charts, cheat sheets to help you order a vehicles accurately, and much more.

Suggestions are welcome - if you have a great tip for the "how-to" section that you'd like to share with the owner community, please submit it by e-mail to - we love the tricks horsemen know. (Except for the use of furniture cleaner on our carts - that one we don't like at all - be sure to check out Victory Lap if you are still cleaning your cart with a waxy spray...)

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